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We want to disrupt the audiobook market in order to make it easier for people to listen to audiobooks without paying exorbitant monthly fees. We also want you to be able to access compelling, high-quality content from anywhere, on any device. That's why we have created a brand new type of audiobook category: Immersive & Radically Different.

Audible introduces a new category, Immersive & Radically Different audiobooks. These stories are text-driven, with visuals that transport the listener to a different realm or dimension.

"I was mesmerized by the story" In an audiobook category that's been around for a long time, there are now new options. An audiobook is an immersive and radically different book experience, one that changes your life in a way no other medium can—it's even been called "the ultimate reading experience." Choose this category to enjoy audio adventures that will change your life!

For the first time ever, Audible is now offering an audiobook category that's radically different. This new category includes books that are "immersive" or "radically different."

The Audiobook category is now available in Immersive & Radically Different. If you love books and audiobooks in this category, check it out!

In order to be successful in the Audiobook Industry, you need to have a broad range of audible choices. And a huge range of audiobook categories. That's why Audible has decided that it's time for an Immersive & Radically Different category.