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This category contains all the audiobooks in the mystery, thriller and horror genre. The audiobooks are sorted into categories like detective books, crime thrillers, and horror stories. This category is one of the most popular genres for the North American market.

If you like mystery, thriller, and horror books, then one of the best ways to listen to them is through audiobooks. They offer a completely different and unique experience based on our location, what time it is, or the mood we're in. With the right audiobook library subscription, you can listen to these genres in any location or at any time for no additional cost!

Mystery, Thriller & Horror audiobooks are a genre that can be found in many different formats. Mystery audiobooks are often narrated by talented actors and actresses who will take you on a ride through the crime scene or the exciting plot. Thriller audiobooks will always be high-paced with a nonstop adrenaline rush, and horror audiobooks always have a bone-chilling element to them.

A mystery, thriller, or horror audiobook is a written work that combines suspenseful or frightening subject matter with narration. The genre has grown in popularity in recent years and includes many subgenres such as science fiction, crime fiction, horror, fantasy, and others.

Mystery, Thriller & Horror audiobooks are in a category all their own. These books take the reader into a world where people can't be trusted and are always one step ahead of the protagonist. If you like suspenseful stories filled with twists and turns, then you'll love mystery, thriller & horror audiobooks!

Mysterious and thrilling stories of suspense and horror are a perfect fit for audiobooks. You can find great mystery, thrillers, and horror novels on Audible.