Dead Man Walking [Dramatized Adaptation] Free Audiobook Download by Simon R. Green

"Dead Man Walking" is a 1996 novel by Simon R. Green about the adventures of the protagonist, Will Tanner. Shortly after being released from prison for murder, Will Tanner has to fend for himself in a dangerous world.

"Dead Man Walking" is a Flashback novelette from an anthology of Simon R. Green's short stories, Midnight Blue and Other Stories. The story concerns a death row inmate who, on the night before his execution, has a chance meeting with a woman from his past.

In this podcast, the British narrator of Dead Man Walking [Dramatized Adaptation] reads a dramatization of the story while two American narrators read the original text in English. The text itself is very different from the published novel and omits many key scenes, but it still retains the feel and tone of the book. A significant amount of time is spent at length describing how the protagonist makes his living as a bounty hunter so that listeners can develop an understanding for how he would earn enough money to support himself.

Death Row inmate Jack Ketch has been executed for the brutal rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl. Jack makes a bargain with Death: in exchange for turning the key on his cell door, he will serve as Death's jailer, arresting dead men and women on their way to claim their souls. Each day, Jack walks the same city block back and forth, waiting for the next soul to come out of nowhere looking like they're running late.

The Dead Man's Walk is seen as an annual walk in the city of Angelus where all thieves are executed. The crime rate has been dropping and a new law has been passed to make the city safer. However, there was one man who defied the law and became known as "Dead Man Walking." He managed to avoid death's hand for three straight years until he finally was caught and killed by the city guard at his fourth attempt.

[Dramatized Adaptation] by Simon R. Green is a novel that tells the story of how protagonist Billy Bones, a vagabond drifter, meets and falls in love with the sociopathic assassin Lissa as they are both hunted across the West.

Published Date 2017-08-01
Duration 6 hours 3 minutes
Author Simon R. Green
Narrated A Full Cast, Terence Aselford, Peter Holdway, Scott Mccormick, Jeff Allin, Thomas Keegan, Lolita Horne, Steve Wannall, Laura C. Harris, Chris Stinson, Jason B. Mcintosh
(2 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Immersive & Radically Different
Parent Category Paranormal Fantasy, Paranormal

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