Space Team 3: The Search for Splurt [Dramatized Adaptation]: Space Team Universe Free Audiobook Download by Barry J. Hutchison

The Search for Splurt, directed by Anthony Palmini, stars two newbies an alien and a human. They are the first team to ever explore the galaxy together in search of their missing ship, Space Team Universe. With a new perspective on life and feelings for one another, they find themselves in a dead end and must escape to save the rest of their race.

A young man, Lorenzo, lives on Earth in a dystopian future where the very air is toxic and human beings are living in space stations. His parents die and he's forced to escape Earth. A tragedy strikes when a meteor shower hits the station, killing all but four people. While one of them tries to launch the shuttles back into space for more people, the other three must find a way to survive on this deadly planet.

The Space Team universe, created by Barry J. Hutchison, is an epic science fiction series that takes place in the early 21st century and follows the adventures of a group of five friends who have been chosen to form the first human space exploration crew for NASA. The mission is not without its challenges, but the Space Team 3 will embark on a journey that will change their lives forever.

The Space Team, led by Captain Larnce Hopper and the indomitable Nurse Kalinda, must embark on a mission to find Splurt and return him to Earth. As they search for their missing friend and mentor, it becomes evident that this is not just another adventure in their long history of saving the universe. The stakes are higher than ever; if they fail, the universe will be destroyed...

"There are many things you can never get back, but the memories of them remain. They live on in your mind, and that is enough for me."

Space Team 3: The Search for Splurt [Dramatized Adaptation]: Space Team Universe is an audiobook by Barry J. Hutchison that can be downloaded on It is a dramatic adaptation of the novel, "Space Team Universe" by Barry J. Hutchison, narrated by a diverse cast of talented actors and actresses.

Published Date 2021-10-01
Duration 6 hours 34 minutes
Author Barry J. Hutchison
Narrated Christopher Walker, Nanette Savard, Ken Jackson, Phil Thron, Danny Gavigan, Yasmin Tuazon, Carolyn Kashner, Bradley Foster Smith, Darius Johnson, Anthony Palmini, Brandon Burton
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Immersive & Radically Different
Parent Category Space Opera, Science Fiction

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