Age of Empyre [Dramatized Adaptation]: Legends of the First Empire 6 Free Audiobook Download by Michael J. Sullivan

The story starts off with a prophecy that the world will end in 100 years. The Guardians who are sworn to protect and serve the people of Amaranth are given a mission: save all of the humans from extinction. But, someone is hunting them down and killing them before they can even get started...

A long time ago, in a distant land, the gods made man. It is in their honour that they have allowed us to live and breathe and walk upon the earth as they once did.

The Age of Empyre has always been a story shrouded in mystery. There are no records to be found and the only accounts are from a series of journals that were left behind by one of the survivors. Now for generations, it has been passed down to those born into the families that survived. For centuries, it has been believed that there is nothing else out there but endless desert and rubble. All of this changes when one young man finds something in the wasteland out in the middle of nowhere: a golden key. With the key in hand, he unlocks what he thinks is a door inside an abandoned building, but instead it opens up right into another world: Earth! The discovery throws every living thing on Earth into turmoil as they learn that they

The sixth installment of the Age of Empyre series has been narrated by an array of talented narrators. From Christopher Walker, Colleen Delany, and Terence Aselford to Kimberly Gilbert, Bradley Smith, Nora Achrati, Todd Scofield, Amanda Forstrom, and Tia Shearer. The audiobook also comes with a map of the world on the first page with intriguing notes about the places mentioned in the book.

The Age of Empyre is a story of the first wave of humanity to colonize the alien world of Mentepur. The story starts with a terrible tragedy, and follows three siblings as they make due in this new world. While a battle wages on between the Mentepuri and humans, an ancient legend comes to life in the form of Princess Iliana, who falls in love with young Athaniel.

Published Date 2022-02-01
Duration 13 hours 18 minutes
Author Michael J. Sullivan
Narrated Christopher Walker, Colleen Delany, Terence Aselford, Kimberly Gilbert, Bradley Smith, Nora Achrati, Todd Scofield, Amanda Forstrom, Tia Shearer, Lise Bruneau, Chris Stinson
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Immersive & Radically Different
Parent Category Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

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