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Audiobooks are a great way to learn, especially if you're not able to read. Our Management & Leadership category offers audiobooks with different topics that will help you learn more about your career. For example, our audiobook "Starting Smart: 16 Ways to Help Employees Get Along" is a great way to help employees and workshop it with them.

The Management & Leadership category on Audible contains audiobooks about topics such as leadership, management, motivation and goal-setting. This category is just one of many categories that are available on Audible and features a vast library of titles.

Audiobooks are incredibly popular and there is a good reason for that. Audiobooks work to help people find a way to enjoy their hobbies while they're at work or school.

Leadership is a practice, not just a field of study. A leader has to have excellent skills with people and understanding the business in order to lead effectively. This category includes narration about leadership, management, and other related topics in one convenient spot.

Audible is proud to offer listeners an exclusive, new audiobook category: Management & Leadership. This latest addition to the audiobook catalog includes more than 600 titles in the area of management theory and leadership development.

A lot of people know that audiobooks are a great way to improve their listening skills. But they may not know how to get started with audiobooks. Here we’re offering you 7 pieces of advice for beginner audiobook listeners, plus some tips on how to find the best audiobook for your needs.