High Output Management Free Audiobook Download by Andrew S. Grove

In this audiobook, Andrew S. Grove discusses "High Output Management," which is his idea of what modern management must be. Grove argues that a manager's best tool is knowledge and that managers must constantly make progress on their job. He also talks about the importance of trusting one's employees by delegating work responsibilities to them as well as having trust in the organization and its people.

High Output Management is a management book written by Andrew S. Grove about how to be productive. It talks about three principles: people, process, and technology. The first principle is that your people are the most important asset of the organization. The second principle is the formation of an environment where employees can work together in a structured way and have a mutual respect for one another. The third principle is the delegation of authority to those who are educated in their roles and can anticipate what needs to be done without direct oversight.

High Output Management is the fundamental book in management by Andrew S. Grove which is based on the belief that only by maximizing output at every level of an organization can high performance be attained. The author also believes that it is through this process of continuous innovation and improvement that organizations compete successfully on a global basis.

High Output Management is a book by Andrew S. Grove that takes you on a journey from manufacturing to management, to the introduction of information technology into manufacturing, and finally on to why successful organizations are focused on innovation.

High Output Management is about how to manage and lead a team of productive people. The main idea is that only by keeping the entire team focused on producing results and never letting them focus on anything other than their work will you be able to achieve the most. This book was written in 1987, but it still has a lot of relevance today because so much has changed since then.

By 1994, Andrew S. Grove was already recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in American history. His resume included General Motors and Intel, among other companies. In High Output Management, he explains how to manage a business enterprise efficiently and effectively during turbulent periods.

Published Date 2021-04-27
Duration 8 hours 2 minutes
Author Andrew S. Grove
Narrated Marc Cashman
(4 Reviews)
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