Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness Free Audiobook Download by Tim S. Grover

In Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness, Tim S. Grover shares the story of his path to success as an author and coach. The audiobook is narrated by Pete Simonelli who makes it easy for readers to follow the entertaining story.

In Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness, Tim S Grover goes over the journey of how the methods he created helped Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and other NBA athletes become winners. He talks about how any athlete can make a change in their life and become more successful by looking at his methods.

Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness by Tim S. Grover is an audiobook about the tough, unrelenting and wildly candid life of Michael Jordan.

Many people know of the amazing mind coach Tim Grover from his work with famous athletes. Grover founded the world's most successful basketball camp and was the personal trainer for Michael Jordan for years as well as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and many other celebrities. Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness is a book written by Grover and it chronicles his life story of struggling to break through in a world that already had winners entrenched with each other.

It's a book about winning, the ruthless and unforgiving race to greatness. It is the story of Tim Grover who went from an average basketball player in high school to becoming one of the most successful coaches in NBA history. In this audiobook you will hear his thoughts on how to win, some of the advice he received along the way and see what makes him tick.

Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness was written by Tim S. Grover who has worked with some of the most successful athletes in American and around the world. Written in collaboration with Pete Simonelli, a person who has won over hundreds of basketball games over the years, Winning is a book that aims to teach readers how to win at anything. It's a must-read for those looking for success in their life and give them the methods on how to go about winning. With multiple examples of great sports figures throughout history, there is no better time than now to read this book.

Published Date 2021-05-18
Duration 6 hours 44 minutes
Author Tim S. Grover
Narrated Pete Simonelli
(41 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Self Development, Career Development

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