These Fists Break Bricks: How Kung Fu Movies Swept America and Changed the World Free Audiobook Download by Chris Poggiali,Grady Hendrix

[Grady Hendrix's] new book, These Fists Break Bricks, is a groundbreaking exploration of how martial arts movies changed American culture by serving as a "cultural barometer" that reflected the mood and potential of Americans.

Kung fu movies swept America and changed the world, by Chris Poggiali Grady Hendrix with an excellent audiobook download. We are more in tune with kung fu movies today than ever before, especially through Hollywood movies. Through some of the earliest films, we saw men and women who were capable of extraordinary things and dramas that helped us to grow from who we were.

The first wave of kung fu movies came in the late 1970s, after martial arts films had been exploding in popularity and drawing big Hollywood studios to the genre. These films, which ranged from the traditional to the experimental, set off a revolution in American cinema that would forever change how movies were made.

In the book, 'These Fists Break Bricks: How Kung Fu Movies Swept America and Changed the World,' Chris Poggiali Grady Hendrix traces the history of kung fu movies from their origins in the early twentieth century to modern-day Hollywood action films. The book argues that these movies were a form of cultural imperialism that impacted society greatly.

This story chronicles the evolution of Kung Fu movies from the early 1970s to today, when they have reached their apogee as one of the most influential forms of American popular culture. The author argues that despite their often disreputable origins, these films helped to restore America's indigenous martial arts traditions and re-establish Chinese-American cultural pride. As one critic put it, Kung Fu movies "helped to create a new national identity for an era of globalization."

This audiobook provides a comprehensive view of the impact that kung fu movies have had on America, as well as worldwide. There are many ways to learn and enjoy this topic, but in my opinion, listening to it on an audiobook is the best way. The author takes you through his journey with a more personal and interesting angle that most other books offer.

Published Date 2021-09-15
Duration 7 hours 26 minutes
Author Chris Poggiali, Grady Hendrix
Narrated Grady Hendrix
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