Precision Bowhunting: A Year-Round Approach to Taking Mature Whitetails Free Audiobook Download by Chris Eberhart,John Eberhart

The Peak Performance Bowhunting Audiobook is a year-round approach to hunting mature whitetails that Chris Eberhart and John Eberhart have used for years to take big mature bucks. It doesn't matter what time of year you shoot, this book has a lot of great information on taking mature deer in any season. The book is also well-written and easy to understand.

Nicholas Chris Eberhart is a third generation archery hunter, which means he has hunted with his family for three generations. This book is based on the experiences of both Chris and John Eberhart as they detail every aspect of their hunting strategy that has allowed them to take mature whitetails year-round in various places in North America.

It's not uncommon for hunters to try new tactics and techniques in the offseason. One such technique is precision bowhunting, a year-round approach to taking mature whitetails. The year-round approach is based on the idea of hunting consistently during all six months out of the year, as opposed to focusing solely on rifle hunting during rifle season. This book provides numerous tips and tricks for hunting deer during these six months.

The book is designed for the hunter that wants to hunt mature whitetails year-round. The author shares his thoughts and experiences on hunting in North America, how to plan your hunting strategy, marking mature bucks with rubs and scrapes, rifle selection, harvest essentials and much more.

Hunting mature whitetails can be challenging. Hunters often focus on hunting specific times of the year, but hunters can take mature deer during any time of the year with a well-planned, controlled hunt. If you are interested in taking more mature deer during the off-season, you may want to consider a strategy that is centered around scouting mature bucks and stalking them.

This audiobook will show you how to take mature size deer by hunting them from trees and brush, where they have their dens. As the seasons change and the deer let down their guard, a hunter can gradually get closer and closer to his target deer until he has success on the ground.

Published Date 2021-11-16
Duration 9 hours 20 minutes
Author Chris Eberhart, John Eberhart
Narrated Chris Sorensen
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Sports & Recreation
Parent Category Outdoor Recreation

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