Endurance: The Toby Price Story Free Audiobook Download by Toby Price

Toby Price is in a wheelchair at the age of 29 due to an accident that left him paralyzed as well as a paraplegic. He was able to get back on his feet by using a body weight vest and using his hands. Toby's story has been widely publicized along with his journey for rehabilitation, but many people have been waiting for the book about it. This audiobook is how you can learn about the story from Toby himself inside and out.

The audiobook download features James Sweeny, an audio book narrator who has worked with dozens of authors in a variety of genres. Readers are able to listen to this narrative through the Audible app, Amazon Audible, or on any device that supports the free Bluefire Reader.

Toby Price, the best-selling author of "Endurance: The Toby Price Story", shares his remarkable story about overcoming adversity and finding true happiness in life.

"I'm not a great distance runner, but I can run. I've never been much of a sprinter, but I can sprint. What this means is that there are certain times in my life where I am able to be as strong as possible and it's going to determine how far I go." Toby Price wrote this book about his journey on being an athlete. He was diagnosed with diastrophic dysplasia (DD) when he was 12 years old which made him walk with a limp and caused his joints to deteriorate. He had never been athletic before he was diagnosed, but because of the diagnosis, he had to find something new for himself. He found it in endurance running.

'James Sweeney' narrates the book on his own. The narrator also has some of the sounds that would be commonly found during horse races.

The story begins at the end of Toby's life. He was terminally ill with cancer and was not expected to live much longer. However, he found a way to survive and overcome his disease. This is the remarkable story of how he did that, along with some of the lessons he learned along the way.

Published Date 2022-02-01
Duration 7 hours 48 minutes
Author Toby Price
Narrated James Sweeny
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Sports & Recreation
Parent Category Other

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