The Wretched of the Earth Audiobook Download by Frantz Fanon

The Wretched of the Earth, written by the French intellectual Frantz Fanon, discusses the colonial exploitation of Africa and how it led to the mental and physical degradation of African people.

The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon is a book about one of the most iconic figures in African-American history. It was written in 1961, and it discusses the oppression of African-Americans through a Marxist perspective. The audiobook is available for download at, and it features an introduction by ['Sharif Muhammad'] narrated by Sebastian Brown.

The Wretched of the Earth is a groundbreaking book written by Frantz Fanon. The book is about Neo-colonialism and how it effects the underprivileged Africans. It is also about what to do when you're in such a situation, and also how to heal from the pain of being so exploited.

"The worst crime against the human spirit is not despair, but the attempt to escape it." This quote by Frantz Fanon describes how a people can live in the depths of poverty, suffering and oppression without despairing about their future. In this book, he talks about how the people of Africa were forced into poverty because of slave trade and colonialism. He argues that violence is an inevitable response from those who are being oppressed.

The Wretched of the Earth is a classic book about colonialism and race written by Frantz Fanon. The narrator, [Sebastian Brown], provides an accessible narrative that helps to put the words of this book into context in the era they were written.

In this book, Fanon provides a critique of the European race. He argues that Europeans are exploiting other races, treating them as if they were superior and inferior at the same time. For example, he brings up the case of slavery being justified by white Europeans, yet simultaneously claiming that slavery is wrong and that black Africans are inferior to them.

Published Date 2021-04-08
Duration 12 hours 29 minutes
Author Frantz Fanon
Narrated Sebastain Brown
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Abridged No
Is It Free? No
Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Art & Music, Africa

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