The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story Free Audiobook Download by Caitlin Roper

The 1619 Project is a story about the underground railroad and how it connects to the present day and the way in which our society has evolved. It follows two main characters: Queenie, a slave living on a cotton plantation, who has become pregnant after being raped by one of her owners; and Julia, an abolitionist who runs away from her family with her younger sister to help Queenie escape slavery. The book also includes brief chapters that connect to other major events that have shaped America as we know it today including Christopher Columbus's arrival, the Underground Railroad, and Black Lives Matter.

The 1619 Project provides an intelligent, historically-based insight into American slavery. The audiobook is also very well done with a nice blend of narrative and dramatic readings that create a tense atmosphere.

"The 1619 Project" is an origin story written in verse by Caitlin Roper. The novel follows one woman's journey from enslavement to freedom. It begins with the protagonist waking up in a dark wooden box, and then goes into a detailed description of what she experienced while being sold into slavery in the 1700s. "The 1619 Project" is a moving narrative that will have readers identifying with its main character throughout her entire experience.

From the first day of her daughter's life, Caitlin Roper has been obsessed with learning more about her. The 1619 Project is a new origin story to follow the journey of a baby's first year in life. This book is made up of 8 chapters that tells the story of a mother's relationship with her daughter and how they are both shaped by the people around them.

The 1619 Project is a non-fiction audiobook about the true origin of America. The narrator narrates the story using her own vernacular, making it more accessible for young adults and other people that might not be interested in history. This project includes recordings from an interview with Nikole Hannah-Jones, as well as an introduction from her and a foreword from historian [Molly Leach].

The 1619 Project is an amazing book that deserves to be on the shelf of every history teacher. This story is about an American writer and journalist who explores the life of a precocious British noblewoman from 1619, exploring how she became a woman who learned much more than her gender-specific profession would have ever allowed her to discover. The story begins in England where the author, Caitlin Roper, has been commissioned to write a story about Elizabeth I for a publication. While researching this piece, she discovers that most people only know Elizabeth as a queen because of her masculine image--not realizing what an amazing mind she had.

Published Date 2021-11-16
Duration 18 hours 57 minutes
Author Caitlin Roper
Narrated Nikole Hannah-Jones
(75 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Social Science, North America

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