Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future Free Audiobook Download by Michael R. Drew,Roy H. Williams

In his new book, Michael Drew Roy H. Williams tells us about the story of how our present and future is shaped by our past. We know that certain events in history were pivotal moments that changed our society but what if you knew how these changes came about? He takes us on a journey back in time to show us the influences in the past and explains the results they had on the future of America.

The book is about the influence of past generations on our present and predictions for the future. It uses a pendulum based analogy to describe how each generation has emotions and feelings that last from generation to generation. The author also discusses why it is important to take time to assess our current emotional state and the qualities we love most in life.

The book explores the ways in which past generations have shaped our world, specifically the impact they've had on our lives in the present. The author presents this concept by sharing three individual stories. In one, he shares how a successful and wealthy family from the 1800s has affected his own life. In another, he tells of how an individual from a community at the turn of the century struggled with his identity because of how society dictated that he be something he's not. And finally, he speaks about a woman who struggles with what she thinks is her destiny to become a mother despite her own personal wishes.

According to the author, "The pendulum swings in two directions. As we experience new ways of thinking, our past generations are experiencing new challenges as well." In this audiobook, Roy H. Williams describes how the past shapes our present and predicts our future through different lenses of human evolution and social evolution. The first part of the novel focuses on how different generations have different views on the world and how their view is shaped by 'struggles' faced over time. These struggles create a perspective that helps shape what people think about themselves and other cultures.

Michael Drew Roy Williams's second novel, Pendulum, takes us on a tour through history. From the French Revolution to the rise of self-driving cars, and much in between, this book explores how past generations have shaped our present and predict our future.

The Pendulum takes a look at the effects and repercussions of the events that have shaped our present time on both our personal lives as well as society. It examines the how the past generation's actions affect us today while also revealing how they predict and shape our future.

Published Date 2012-10-15
Duration 5 hours 14 minutes
Author Michael R. Drew, Roy H. Williams
Narrated Roy H. Williams, Michael R. Drew
(15 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Social Science

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