The Vegas Diaries: Romance, Rolling the Dice, and the Road to Reinvention Free Audiobook Download by Holly Madison

Holly Madison tells her journey through the Vegas strip, where she was a celebrity before the age of 30. She shares how plenty can be an unlucky number as she discovered after surviving a two-month stint in rehab and then ending up back on the same street corner she started at. After falling down hard she's reinvented herself with a new name, new career, and now has a beautiful daughter and husband to make it all worth it.

The Vegas Diaries, the audiobook by Holly Madison and the book by Brett King, tells the story of her life from her start in a small town to her work in Las Vegas. The Vegas Diaries gives insight on how she procured several powerful opportunities in the male-dominated industry. Holly is a rare breed who is both feminine and strong, intelligent and ambitious, able to take down any opponent with a smile on her face.

Holly Madison, a former Playboy centerfold and TV personality, has had plenty of adventures in her life. When you are as famous as she was and have been through the ups and downs of fame, it's hard to believe how much luck can change your perspective. Holly's story is a rags-to-riches tale of hustling and determination that will inspire anyone who has ever dreamed big.

"This is my story about the journey of finding myself, discovering a new life and exploring love" says Holly Madison in her audio book. In honor of her newly released book "The Vegas Diaries", Madison compiled a list of the top ten reasons why you should get this audiobook download immediately!

If you want to know who Holly Madison is and what she's been through in her life, you'll have to listen to the audiobook download of The Vegas Diaries: Romance, Rolling the Dice, and the Road to Reinvention.

The Vegas Diaries is a true story of Holly Madison's relationship with her then-husband, Hugh Hefner. She talks about her experience of fame and being a sex symbol in the public eye and the pressure she faced to maintain this life style. She also talks about how she came to find herself through this relationship with Hefner, who helped her to create her empire of businesses and make significant changes in her life that were central to her reinvention.

Published Date 2016-05-17
Duration 8 hours 10 minutes
Author Holly Madison
Narrated Holly Madison
(31 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Marriage & Family, Memoir, Arts & Entertainment

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