The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection Free Audiobook Download by Michael A. Singer

Michael Singer's "The Surrender Experiment" is a science fiction story about what happens when we take control of our lives and give up the pursuit of perfection. In this audiobook, Singer tells the story of a man who happens to be living in a universe where every human has found their one true path in life. For example, some people are perfect politicians, athletes, or artists. However, for some reason, the main character cannot find his way. He decides to create his own path and ends up on an experimental planet that is run by scientists and perfects humans through a process known as surrendering.

His new therapist, Dr. Elena, is unlike any other therapist he has ever met. She's not interested in analyzing him and she doesn't want him to analyze himself. Instead, she wants to help him understand his pain by surrendering it. If Michael can fully let go of his suffering, then he will be a better person and have the courage to seek happiness that much more openly.

Michael A. Singer, a renowned author and the former chair of the department of surgery at Stanford University Medical Center, has published a book about his personal journey into life's perfection. In The Surrender Experiment, he describes the surrender phase as finding oneself in a state of grace and being able to see another person as God sees them and accepting that every person is perfect just as they are.

The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection is an audiobook. The narrator is ['Michael A. Singer']. This book was published by HarperAudio.

In The Surrender Experiment, Michael A. Singer invites the reader to try a novel experiment: to surrender to life's imperfections. One day he decided that he would indulge himself in his vices and not fight them. From alcohol to drugs, and from food to sex, Singer took on every vice in turn - with amazing results. He came out of it with a newly found appreciation for all things beautiful and good, including himself

In his latest book, Michael Singer explores a concept of life's perfection. The Surrender Experiment was created in order to test the validity of this theory by leading a lifestyle that is both challenging and restrictive while also exploring new opportunities and relationships. Singer put his own definition to the test, engaging in a variety of activities including meditation, yoga, fasting, and cancer treatments.

Published Date 2015-06-02
Duration 7 hours 46 minutes
Author Michael A. Singer
Narrated Michael A. Singer
(121 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Naturopathy & New Age, Self Development, Memoir

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