The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God Free Audiobook Download by Timothy Keller

"The meaning of marriage is the love relationship that forms between a man and a woman when they commit to one another with a total acceptance of one another in all their vulnerabilities as they take on the most important responsibilities in life."

Marriage is a beautiful and complex relationship that requires much wisdom, understanding, intelligence, and commitment. For the Christian couple, marriage is a commitment between two people to do their best to love God with all they have while they are on this earth. It can be difficult at times when one spouse wants or needs more from the other than the other is willing to give. But it can also be challenging when one of the partners decides to leave or cheat because of the changes in commitments such as economic status, children's education, etc.

Marriage is difficult, but it can also be life changing. The author of this book, Timothy Keller, shares his understanding of the importance of marriage and the complexities that come with commitment. Dr. Keller quotes scripture from a variety of sources to help readers understand what marriage entails and how to embrace the promises made in a committed relationship.

Marriage is one of the most difficult relationships we will ever encounter. Timothy Keller offers a fresh perspective on marriage in this thought-provoking book, using the wisdom of God. With his insight, he provides comfort and hope to those who are ready to commit their lives to another person in a deep way. He gives us instruction for navigating life's many uncertainties in a way that speaks to our hearts and minds.

Marriage is a complex relationship. While it's easy to blame the world for making life difficult, everyone gets married for a reason and has expectations of marriage that are unique to themselves. This book provides an unapologetic attempt at unraveling the complexities of marriage from a Christian perspective.

In his latest book, "The Meaning of Marriage", author Timothy Keller walks readers through the complexities that come with marriage. He does so by highlighting the very human and relatable sacrifices required for commitment in this often challenging journey. The audiobook is narrated by two different narrators; one who voices the story from a male perspective, and the other from a female perspective.

Published Date 2011-11-01
Duration 8 hours 15 minutes
Author Timothy Keller
Narrated Marguerite Gavin, Lloyd James
(143 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Marriage & Family, Counseling & Inspirational

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