The Best of Me Free Audiobook Download by David Sedaris

"The Best of Me" is a miscellany by David Sedaris, an American humorist and author, who has written and spoken about his experiences with the difficulties of growing up gay in the Southern United States.

The audiobook that encourages you to read in your car is "The Best of Me" by David Sedaris. The narrator does a great job capturing the dialogue and tone of all of his short stories, which he tells with a dry and humorous style.

"You know, when I'm in the middle of a paragraph and I can't remember if that's what I had for breakfast or dinner," David Sedaris says in his audiobook The Best of Me. "And then occasionally my power just goes out and I'm like, 'Oh, yeah!' That's another good one."

The Best of Me audiobook download is a beautifully narrated story about life with depression. David Sedaris tells his listeners about the pain and the helplessness that he felt as he struggled with this illness.

This audiobook is available for free and as an audio download on Audible. David Sedaris, one of the most notable authors out there today, narrates this book himself and his voice is absolutely perfect. He's witty, he's intelligent, and he's completely engaging. Sedaris gives listeners a good introduction to this book when he says that it's "about what happens when you've been plucked from obscurity." The best part? With a few simple clicks you can have this audiobook downloaded onto your computer or phone in no time.

The Best of Me is a collection of autobiographical essays that David Sedaris has written and edited throughout his career. These essays are very funny and they make me laugh so hard I cry! It's similar to when you read one of those joke books but as you read, it becomes more serious. That's what happened with me. The book is also interesting because it includes some stories that have never been published before. There are also some essays about family members and pets that will surely make you laugh just as much as the rest!

Published Date 2020-11-03
Duration 13 hours 8 minutes
Author David Sedaris
Narrated David Sedaris
(147 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Marriage & Family, Essays & Memoirs, Essays & Anthologies

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