The Barbizon: The Hotel That Set Women Free Free Audiobook Download by Paulina Bren

In 1894, William Bell Wait established The Barbizon for Ladies in Paris. With the completion of a new wing, the hotel opened its doors to all women, regardless of their social or economic status. It was a place where women were welcomed, encouraged and celebrated. Wait believed that "the new art and the new woman" could not exist without each other and he wanted to create a playground where both would flourish. When the original building became too small to accommodate the needs of its customers, Wait commissioned designs for an 8-story addition which still stands today as one of Paris's most iconic buildings.

Ever since the Barbizon has been set up, women have risen to prominence in society. The hotel's founder, Paulina Bren, created a business that ultimately immersed her in the art world and revolutionized how society views women.

In 1882, when New York City was less than ten years old, one woman took it upon herself to open the Barbizon Hotel. She named the hotel after France's playground for artists and intellectual men of letters, which stemmed from the term 'barbizon.' The woman who opened the hotel was Paulina Bren, from a family of Russian immigrants. Her idea to open a hotel for women has been compared to that of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in creating a female-friendly environment—a place where women could find refuge from the constraints of society's expectations.

The Barbizons's motto is "A Woman's Place Is Here" and their mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for all women. They provide classes, workshops, and courses for women to learn skills necessary in an industry traditionally dominated by men. With over 100 years of history in New York City, The Barbizon has faced many changes in the industry, but remain committed to providing a place for women artists and creatives to be able to thrive.

In 1888, Pauline Bren, a 25-year-old woman from Paris, became one of the first guests of The Barbizon. This was the start of an era when women began to think about and act on their independence. For example, she wrote for publication that "the lusting man is not my master." Andi Arndt narrates this audio book download with grace as her voice is a strong reminder of the strength and resilience of this time period.

Since the 1880s, 'The Barbizon' has been changing the lives of women. It started with a single room and an "open door" policy that enabled women to find their place in society as artists, models and writers. Even today, it is still full of free thinking and artistic women who still own their homes.

Published Date 2021-03-02
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