Going There (read by Katie Couric) Free Audiobook Download by Katie Couric

[Audiobook, 'Going There'] is a narrative nonfiction audiobook by Katie Couric that chronicles her time as anchor of the CBS Evening News. She discusses her work and experiences with anchor journalism in this audio-only memoir.

'Going There' is a book offering advice on subjects ranging from choosing the right high school to surviving a hurricane. The chapter titled 'The Paradox of Choice': 'We have come to believe that we can control our destiny with our choices - but this is not true. We are limited by time and circumstance, so the only thing left for us to do is make good decisions.'

"As a public figure, Katie Couric has been interviewed by countless people over the span of her career. Now, she shares her insights from behind the scenes in this candid conversation about how public figures should be held accountable for their actions and words."

Katie Couric narrates this audiobook about her life, growing up in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, graduating from college and becoming a reporter in Chicago. She talks about how she went from the small town of Scranton, Pennsylvania to the big city of Chicago.

Katie Couric discusses her new book, Going There: The Relentless Pursuit of Happiness as We Age by Katie Couric audiobook download. She tells us that she is "not trying to preach a moral" and that the book is "about taking charge of your life."

In Going There, Katie Couric retraces her career as a journalist, reflects on the changing role of women in the news since the arrival of "Today," and shares how she went from being an aggressive correspondent with a big personality to becoming America's most trusted interviewer.

Published Date 2021-10-26
Duration 15 hours 27 minutes
Author Katie Couric
Narrated Katie Couric
(57 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Biography & Memoir
Parent Category Women, Memoir, Literary

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