The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt Free Audiobook Download by Eleanor Roosevelt

In this audiobook, Eleanor Roosevelt shares with us the most personal and intimate side of her childhood in New York City. As a young girl, she was shy and often had to hide from the public eye because of her unfortunate weight. This resulted in her being teased by her peers until she became a successful woman that knew how to overcome and conquer all of their problems.

A story of a woman who grew up in an aristocratic family and became one of the most important figures in American history. This audiobook tells her life experiences, her struggles and triumphs, covering society's turbulent times from WWI to FDR's presidency.

The American President Eleanor Roosevelt, referred to as 'First Lady of the World," was an advocate for peace, freedom and equality owing to her contributions during WWII. The autobiography has 35 recordings and is read by Eleanor's voice herself. She describes her childhood and how she became the strong woman that she is today.

The autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most famous books written by an American woman. It records her life from a very young age to old years and focuses on her life in United States politics, international diplomacy, and social causes.

Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman who shaped her life by her words, thoughts and beliefs, is one of the most significant American figures of the 20th century. From being an assistant to a president to becoming First Lady, she was relentless in fighting for equality and justice.

"This is not a love story," she said. "It's not a story about love. It is simply a story of my life." The autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt by Eleanor Roosevelt narrated by Tavia Gilbert download.

Published Date 2014-10-21
Duration 18 hours 34 minutes
Author Eleanor Roosevelt
Narrated Tavia Gilbert
(74 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Biography & Memoir
Parent Category History & Culture

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