The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict Free Audiobook Download by The Arbinger Institute

The Arbinger Institute offers a practical and comprehensive guide to help people overcome conflict, pain, anger, and resentment. These difficult situations may seem unresolvable and many people turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of coping with them. The Anatomy of Peace reveals how to move through these obstacles by addressing the three root causes of conflict: our personal beliefs about ourselves, about others, and about the situation at hand.

The Anatomy of Peace is a guidebook on reducing conflict and violence in your life. The author's perspective is that conflict stems from a deep-seated misunderstanding of the real motives, intentions, and values at work in any given situation. The book helps you to understand the true nature of conflict and offers practical strategies for resolving it—or at least for moving beyond it so that you may learn to trust again.

The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Institute is not a book about conflict resolution but rather an entire approach to how we can resolve the heart of conflict that permeates in our society. In this audiobook, peace expert Glenn Burke discusses in detail what it means to have peace. The book is divided up into five parts: where conflict arises, why people are hardwired for conflict, how to overcome conflict, creating your own peace, and transcending the way you live.

In this audiobook, 'Oliver Wyman' provides a tenacious approach to examining the heart of conflict. He uses case studies from his consulting firm to explore your own personal conflicts and how these can be resolved. By addressing the situation with a fresh perspective, he believes that you will be able to resolve your conflict in an effective manner.

This audiobook is about the Arbinger Institute's philosophy of conflict resolution. The book focuses on the typical conflict between two people and gives hundreds of examples to show how to effectively work through it. This book has been recommended for anyone who is looking to resolve conflicts in a healthy way.

The Arbinger Institute is a Boston-based think tank that specializes in dealing with interpersonal conflict. They believe that it comes down to the conflicting needs and wants of people who are involved in a disagreement. The institute believes that there is a solution for this conflict and it's by understanding the anatomy of peace.

Published Date 2008-05-01
Duration 7 hours 5 minutes
Author The Arbinger Institute
Narrated Oliver Wyman
(8 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Marriage & Family

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