T Is for Transformation: Unleash the 7 Superpowers to Help You Dig Deeper, Feel Stronger & Live Your Best Life Free Audiobook Download by Shaun T

The audiobook is a great tool for the listener to help them dig deeper and allow the narrator to fill in the gaps of their life. The narrator, Shaun T, is a motivational fitness expert with dozens of books under his belt. In this book, he shares 7 superpowers that allow people to feel stronger and live their best life. These include

After listening to the audiobook, I found that Shaun T really did a great job of using his personal story and transformation to teach others about how they can also harness their own power.

'Shaun T's' audiobook, "T Is for Transformation" is a great resource for inspiring and encouraging readers in their everyday lives. It's the perfect audiobook to listen to before a workout to get yourself amped up. The book breaks down the 7 things you can do that will help you transform into a better, stronger person with more confidence. I would recommend this book not only because it contains motivating information but also because it is narrated by Shaun T himself!

The 7 Superpowers that power your life are energy, peace, passion, intuition, vitality, gratitude, and love. These seven traits shape the individual you are and help you to feel stronger. If you don't have these in full measure you can use this audiobook to find your own personal superpower.

Shaun T shares how to connect with your inner power. With each letter of the alphabet, T is for Transformation and it covers topics from personal development to health. Each chapter is filled with exercises that will help you learn about yourself and your life.

Published Date 2017-11-07
Duration 7 hours 52 minutes
Author Shaun T
Narrated Shaun T
(7 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Fitness, Self Development

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