Stillness is the Key Free Audiobook Download by Ryan Holiday

Stillness is the key to creativity, health, and success. In this audiobook you'll get a roadmap for how to still your mind and quiet the noise in your head.

Stillness is the Key is a book about how to create a life of calm and peace for you and those around you. The author, Ryan Holiday, offers up a simple but profound philosophy that can be applied in any life situation. The audiobook download comes with over 50 hours of content that includes yoga and meditation practices, self-reflection journaling prompts, and much more.

In this audiobook from a cross-country dialogue on the importance of stillness, Ryan Holiday is joined by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and social media sensation Gary Vaynerchuk. Their conversation explores the role of stillness in business, entrepreneurship, and personal success.

The audiobook has three sections. The first section is written by Ryan Holiday, while the second and third sections are written by other authors. In the first section, Holiday talks about how we are constantly busy in an effort to avoid stillness and be productive, but that it's impossible for humans to stay engaged at a high level of productivity for long periods of time. He suggests that we find an area where we can focus on stillness for a few minutes each day to recharge our batteries so that we're able to stay engaged for longer stretches at work.

The audiobook, narrated by Ryan Holiday, is an enlightening and exciting experience. The author’s voice is uplifting and encouraging in this book which can help to offer a new perspective.

“We are not naturally well-fitted for the noisy, frenetic world we’ve created. We find it difficult to tune in and be still when everything is always happening — we’re on the go, too busy for stillness. And yet, there is a deep wisdom to it. The power of stillness is that it can allow us to come back into ourselves and listen more deeply. And when we do this, everything changes. It becomes easier to focus our attention; clearer what matters most and what doesn’t; and more productive. We see things differently and how they truly are.”

Published Date 2019-10-01
Duration 6 hours 56 minutes
Author Ryan Holiday
Narrated Ryan Holiday
(58 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Self Development, Philosophy, Career Development

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