Solving for Why: A Surgeon's Journey to Discover the Transformative Power of Purpose Free Audiobook Download by Mark Shrime

At the age of 31, after years of doing everything for his profession, Mark Shrime was forced to question what was important in life. He had a near-death experience that changed his perspective on the purpose of medicine. In Solving for Why he documents his personal story and journey discovering the transformative power of purpose.

Dr. Mark Shrime shares his journey towards finding purpose and applying it in the way he practices medicine. He makes an impact on patients, colleagues, and community when he is able to let go of ego and rely on intuition. Dr. Shrime also has a section of this book where he explains why doctors are not taught how to develop their own sense of self-exploration and personal guidance during medical school.

In this interview with The Next Generation Radio Hour, Dr. Mark Shrime discusses what caused him to pursue a career in surgery, why he left it, and his current journey of finding purpose in helping others on their own journeys. He is also the author of Solving for Why: A Surgeon's Journey to Discover the Transformative Power of Purpose.

Dr. Shrime's journey begins on a day in October when he is sipping coffee with his daughter Emily and his wife, Laura. Em's baby is just six months old and they don't even know if she'll survive despite the best care possible at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. When Shrime opens up to his daughter about his fears, she tells him that she has faith in God and that "it will all work out."

In Solving for Why, Dr. Shrime shares his personal journey of how he became a surgeon and how his practice changed because of it. He talks about the changes in his life before he became a doctor and how they led to him becoming interested in human health and how one can help others.

The author, a surgeon with a wealth of experience, shares his insights about the transformative power of purpose. He believes that it is simply impossible for anyone to live a fulfilling life when they are not pursuing their own calling or working towards those things that truly matter to them.

Published Date 2022-01-25
Duration 7 hours 25 minutes
Author Mark Shrime
Narrated Mark Shrime
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