Robert E. Lee: A Life Free Audiobook Download by Allen C. Guelzo

Robert E. Lee is a biography of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, written by Allen C. Guelzo and narrated by ['Jason Culp']. The audiobook is told through the memoirs of two people who were with Lee in his final days -- James Longstreet, one of Lee's top generals, and George Washington Custis Lee, Robert's son. This work highlights Robert E. Lee as an individual and a military leader and offers insight into the Civil War as well as what life was like for ordinary Americans during this time period.

In a riveting biography of the famous Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Allen C. Guelzo tells the story of Lee's life and times with a graceful mixture of military and political history. This audiobook is available at a low price and can be downloaded with simple steps.

Robert E. Lee was a complex man, and author Allen C. Guelzo's biography of the general is not kind to the Confederate leader. Lee was, by all accounts, an excellent strategist who excelled at maneuvering in battles and knowing when to retreat. However, what shines through in this book is his compassion as a leader and peaceful man who always strove to unite his country rather than divide it.

Robert Edward Lee was a commanding general and a true American hero. Despite the bitter tragedy of his life, he showed his faith in America by fighting against the Union Army to protect our freedom. In this biography narrated by ["Jason Culp"], we gain insight into Lee's childhood, education, military career, political activism and most importantly the battles that shaped him.

Allen C. Guelzo, professor of US history at Gettysburg College and author of several books on Confederate leaders, is known for his intellectual approach to history. This audiobook is a biography, written in the style of popular biographies where the narrator like the author shares his thoughts on Lee's life as he tells the story.

This audiobook tells the story of Robert E. Lee, his military career and his relationship with other historical figures like George Washington.

Published Date 2021-09-28
Duration 22 hours 33 minutes
Author Allen C. Guelzo
Narrated Jason Culp
(8 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Biography & Memoir
Parent Category Military, History & Culture, North America

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