Rise: The Brand New Autobiography Free Audiobook Download by Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi, the Springbok rugby fullback and captain of South Africa's national team has written a new autobiography that has already joined all the other books on the bestseller list. Rise is a captivating story that has it all: an extraordinary journey, vivid characters and astonishing highs. Kolisi grew up in Johannesburg where he started playing rugby at age 10. He went to school at Hoërskool Jan van Riebeeck where he began his rise to fame and eventually reached international stardom with the Springboks. It was here that he found his voice, his values and ultimately found himself a star player in one of the most exciting games in world rugby.

Rising rugby player Siya Kolisi announces the release of his autobiography. This was a project that was on hold for over ten years and it is finally released to the public in an audiobook version. Rise documents the rise of Siya from a young boy who found rugby at university, to a professional rugby player who is captain of South Africa's national team. This memoir will chronicle Kolisi's life, road to stardom, and the meaning behind his success.

It is not easy to be a Springbok, so it's no surprise that the autobiography of one of South Africa rugby world's newest stars got off to a good start. Rise: The Brand New Autobiography by Siya Kolisi, narrated by Tshabalala in her natural accent, is quite an interesting read and has quite a few interesting insights into what it means to strive for excellence.

One of South Africa's finest rugby players, Kolisi is a phenomenal storyteller. His eloquent words resonate deeply with his unending quest to provide hope and aspire others to dare and dream beyond their limits.

"As a child, my mother used to tell me the story of her and my father. She would caution me against anger, telling me that it would lead to destruction - and this was what I'd have to avoid." This book is an inspiring life story of one man's journey from a rural village in South Africa to international rugby stardom.

In this brand new autobiography, which is narrated by Treasure Tshabalala, Siya Kolisi talks about his early life. He talks about how he used to be the last born son in a family of five children. His mother was diagnosed with HIV when he was 16 years old and during this time, Siya used to study at night. This led him to be admitted into university before his official matriculation year because of his outstanding grades.

Published Date 2021-11-04
Duration 10 hours 38 minutes
Author Siya Kolisi
Narrated Treasure Tshabalala
(5 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Biography & Memoir
Parent Category Memoir, Sports, Other

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