Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey Free Audiobook Download by Jane Goodall,Phillip Berman

This audiobook is a collection of speeches and stories from Jane Goodall's life. In the beginning, she describes her childhood as one in which there were few people to interact with and little diversity of thought. But by high-school, she became aware that everyone else had something different to share than what was usually shared in school. This led her to use her voice to speak on behalf of all humans, animals, and nature.

This audiobook is a guide to life that has been written and compiled by Jane Goodall, a renowned primatologist.

[Kate White] narrates this spiritual journey by Jane Goodall, a renowned primatologist and ethologist. In this book, she recounts her work in the wild as she shares stories of how animals live in their natural habitats and how humans benefit from learning about them.

In Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey, Jane Goodall reveals her personal journey of hope. She shares her struggles and triumphs in the process of recovering from personal trauma, as she grapples with a personal understanding of the world's problems and how to fix them. The book is narrated by Kate White who also narrates many other audiobooks.

Science fiction and fantasy author Phillip Berman has turned the pages of the Bible to find a story that speaks to him and will help him understand his own life. He wants to find the story of God’s love wrapped up in the story of Adam and Eve. The reader encounters many connections between Adam, Eve, and Phillip’s life as he struggles with how to live authentically.

"A spiritual journey, by definition, is a search for meaning under conditions of personal uncertainty." Jane Goodall. In this audiobook, the author takes the reader on a journey through her life and work. The author's personable storytelling style makes it easy to understand why she was chosen as the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees.

Published Date 2005-11-01
Duration 6 hours 18 minutes
Author Jane Goodall, Phillip Berman
Narrated Kate White
(6 Reviews)
Abridged Yes
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Biography & Memoir
Parent Category Women, History & Culture, Memoir

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