Please: Radical Self-Care for Wild Women of Color Free Audiobook Download by Black Girl Bliss

The audiobook, Please: Radical Self-Care for Wild Women of Color, is an essential resource for introverted Black women who need more support in their lives. It was written by a certified holistic health coach and wellness expert with seven years of experience in the industry. The author uses her signature humor and endearing self-deprecating style to make her messages accessible.

[Bliss] delivers a powerful message with Radical Self-Care for Wild Women of Color as she talks about how we must take care of ourselves to be able to take care of others.

This audiobook is definitely one of the best expositions I have found on self care in 2018. After my own personal journey, I can say with certainty that if you are looking for some guidance on how to love yourself and take care of your needs, this book is for you.

A radical self-care guide for women of color and other marginalized people against the backdrop of white supremacy, Black Girl Bliss is a powerful start to building self-love and care with tools like "radical honesty, community building, learning to love your body and affirm yourself."

This audiobook, "Please: Radical Self-Care for Wild Women of Color," is a compilation of essays by black women about their experiences with self care that are being published online. The book is not only written by women of color but directed toward women of color. This audiobook has an empowering message, emphasizing the importance to care for and be kind to oneself as a way to build one's own strength.

The audiobook also includes a guide to basic self-care that can be done in the comfort of your home and a guided meditation for radical self-care.

Published Date 2021-04-27
Duration 2 hours 53 minutes
Author Black Girl Bliss
Narrated Black Girl Bliss
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Mindfulness & Meditation, Women's Health

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