Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers Free Audiobook Download by Mary Brett

Mary Brett's book, Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers is a great read. It has 35 chapters of crimes committed by famous serial killers from around the world. Included in the chapters are interviews with psychiatrists, psychologists and law enforcement officials who have studied these cases. This audiobook was originally published in 1971 so it's not too outdated but does contain some references to "the sexual revolution."

Serial Killers by Mary Brett is a true-crime/psychological thriller told from the perspective of serial killer, "The Coed Killer". The author of this book presents her observations of why some serial killers go after college age woman, who can often be seen as objects not people. She also explores how society has accepted the idea that everyone deserves to own a gun and she speculates on the correlation between these two ideas.

Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers is an audiobook by Mary Brett, a true crime book that follows the details of two different cases involving killers. It begins with how serial killer, Ted Bundy was captured and discusses how he managed to escape from prison and offered advice for criminals who are using similar tactics as him. It also talks about Elmer Wayne Henley's actions as he is captured after the murders he committed in Fort Worth, Texas.

Murder is a crime that has been committed by serial killers throughout history. Many people are amazed by how the murderer's mind works and what kind of person they were before they killed their first victim. The book Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers provides a detailed description of the psychological process, which can be applied to anyone who kills another human being, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to others.

"Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers" is a non-fiction work about serial killers. The book is written in a conversational style, sans footnotes and other distractions, which makes it easy to read on one's own or listen to as an audiobook. The main premise of the book is that serial killers often have certain things in common with each other, but they also all share something unique which helped them develop into who they were and how they killed.

"You might have noticed that a lot of serial killers' victims are women. You might also have noticed that serial killer victims are usually young, beautiful women who live alone and run around screaming at inappropriate times." The narrator explains the theory of what makes these kind of females attractive and easy to catch by men.

Published Date 2021-07-06
Duration 9 hours 55 minutes
Author Mary Brett
Narrated Marguerite Gavin
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Uncategory

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