Little and Often: A Memoir Free Audiobook Download by Trent Preszler

This memoir of a man who lost his parents young and has since made it his mission to live life out loud in order to avoid becoming cynical about the world is as moving and inspiring as any story I've read in recent years.

Trent Preszler describes his life as a journey of 'living in the shadows'. He shares how he has created and maintained hope for himself throughout his tumultuous childhood as well as his personal experiences with drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Trent Preszler, the author of Little and Often, is a successful entrepreneur, teacher and author. His memoir chronicles his journey through life in early childhood to adulthood. He grew up in a small town in Mississippi with an abusive father who physically abused him while he was young. At one point he would be locked outside in the cold, hungry and defenseless. Preszler received his fair share of criticism from those who believed that tackling childhood trauma at such a young age was not a good idea. However, he succeeded where others did not because he took it seriously and put in the work necessary to achieve success.

"Little And Often: A Memoir" by Trent Preszler follows the life of his childhood up until his current age. Trent shares with the reader some of the traumatic events that he has experienced throughout his life, but also tells stories about important relationships, and highlights the importance of success and support.

Little and Often is the fascinating and heartfelt story of Trent Preszler's struggle with his weight. It tells how he lost 200 pounds, how he dealt with a debilitating illness that left him unable to walk or see, how he restored his physical health to some extent, and finally how he regained his mental health as well.

Little and Often is a memoir that tells the story of Trent Preszler and his journey through life. The author has been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome and he talks about how it has shaped his life, including his family, work, relationships, and many more. There are also moments in the book where there is a shift from past memories to future visions.

Published Date 2021-04-27
Duration 9 hours 17 minutes
Author Trent Preszler
Narrated Matt Bomer
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Abridged No
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Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Death & Bereavement, Hobbies & Games, Memoir

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