Itchy, Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil Free Audiobook Download by Alex Aniel

Resident Evil is a worldwide phenomenon and the subject of much debate. Why, then, would we need an unofficial history of Resident Evil? The audiobook [Itchy, Tasty] offers just such a history. It will take you through the not-so-well-known and very interesting parts of Resident Evil's history.

Resident Evil is one of the most iconic video games ever made, with the series selling over 90 million copies so far. It's also one of the scariest, and it still has a strong cult following. But who were its creators? What was their vision for Resident Evil?

Resident Evil, an epic game that has been around for over a decade, has thousands of fans and yet, it is not well known. Now, in order to change this fact, Alvin Diec of Itchy Tasty Productions has released an unofficial history about the game's development. "Itchy Tasty" is a 22-part podcast series which chronicles all the twists and turns of Resident Evil from the initial idea to its recent release on current consoles. The podcast also offers insight into how the game became such a success by taking a look at its origins as well as detailing how it continues to be successful in today's market.

Itchy, Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil is written by Alex Aniel, who had never played a game in his life. The book has no indices, anachronisms and inconsistencies with other sources on the series. It chronicles the history of Resident Evil as told by few different characters that have played through the games in their own perspective throughout the years. The book also includes a timeline and A-to-Z list of characters, weapons and monsters from the series.

Resident Evil is one of the most iconic horror franchises of all time, but before it became a household name, the franchise was doing just fine on its own. Itchy, Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil is your ultimate source for all the forgotten tidbits about what made the series so popular in the first place.

Itchy, Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil is a book that every Resident Evil fan should pick up, as it chronicles the series from its beginnings to Resident Evil VII. This is a riveting read that will keep you entertained and informed for hours on end!

Published Date 2021-06-15
Duration 8 hours 4 minutes
Author Alex Aniel
Narrated Cindy Kay
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Hobbies & Games, Social Science

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