Influence Is Your Superpower: The Science of Winning Hearts, Sparking Change, and Making Good Things Happen Free Audiobook Download by Zoe Chance

Influence Is Your Superpower is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their communication skills. The book talks about how our brains are social creatures, not rational ones. It's also been dubbed the science of winning hearts, sparking change, and making good things happen. If you like audiobooks or want to learn about how to communicate better in the world, this book is for you!

Zoe Chance makes a case for influence as the most powerful human superpower. She defines and breaks down five different ways that people are influenced--social dynamics, cultural changes, biology, science, and technology. The book is organized into topics: understanding how to influence people through social dynamics; understanding cultural changes; understanding biology; understanding science; and finally understanding technology.

Zoe Chance has a PhD in neuroscience, but she's not your typical scientist. As a former consultant to many top companies, she knows what it takes to make change happen. Influence is Your Superpower lays out her game plan for becoming a change-maker: learn the science of influencing others, be the first person to use that science to build your network, and finally become a trusted guide who helps people shift their perspectives and make good things happen.

Instead of thinking of influence as a gift, or as something that happens to you, think of it as a skill.

This is a great audio book to help you think about how you can influence people through your words and actions. The book focuses on how changing our environment can transform society, while influencing people with the right "power language" could help us in any situation.

If you're looking for a way to change your life, get yourself in shape, or start a business, there's one key thing you need: influence. But what is it? And how do you get it? In this eye-opening book, Zoe Chance explains how to use social psychology and neuroscience research to guide and thrive in the world of power and persuasion. This book will teach you how to harness the science of influence to get the results you want.

Published Date 2022-02-01
Duration 7 hours 10 minutes
Author Zoe Chance
Narrated Zoe Chance
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Psychology, Career Development

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