I Am a Girl from Africa Free Audiobook Download by Elizabeth Nyamayaro

Elizabeth Nyamayaro is an African girl who lives in Africa, but went to America and wrote a book about what it was like to come from Africa and live in America.

I Am a Girl from Africa is a memoir written by Elizabeth Nyamayaro. It is best described as a coming of age story because it tells the story of growing up in Kenya with her family and witnessing a lot of African culture. This personal narrative follows her day to day life, where she starts out as the girl in question, but later becomes an independent woman who breaks down barriers with her intelligence and hard work.

I Am a Girl from Africa is not just a book about Elizabeth Nyamayaro, the author of the book. I Am a Girl from Africa is also an autobiography of her whole family. The true story her father told her when she was still young will make you cry with happiness and feel anger towards your own life. It is one story that will never be forgotten.

Elizabeth Nyamayaro shares her account of her life as a girl from Africa and growing up in America. She begins the audiobook with a story about when she was young, being interviewed for Oprah Winfrey. Throughout the book, Elizabeth provides interesting information about what it was like to be young in Africa and then to come to America. The audiobook also includes pictures that were taken by Elizabeth during various stages of her life.

This is a memoir of sorts with chapters that evoke the life of one young woman's journey from being an orphan in Uganda to living in Atlanta, Georgia. The diary-style entries are filled with hope and determination as she recounts her difficult past.

I Am a Girl from Africa is the true account of how Elizabeth Nyamayaro grew up in Kenya during the turbulent 1960s and 1970s. The book's narrator, Elizabeth, shares her memories of her youth in a way that makes you laugh, cry, and feel everything she feels.

Published Date 2021-04-20
Duration 9 hours 51 minutes
Author Elizabeth Nyamayaro
Narrated Elizabeth Nyamayaro
(6 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Biography & Memoir
Parent Category Women, History & Culture, Memoir

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