How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Pshchology of Mind over Muscle Free Audiobook Download by Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald is a best-selling author of dozens of books on running and general fitness. This audiobook covers what it takes to train for success, from setting goals to mental toughness. It also explores the benefits of training with no goal in mind, building power through pain, and the importance of embracing unknown challenges. It's perfect for runners looking for a new way to think about their workouts, or anyone who wants to increase their self-awareness.

Matt Fitzgerald's book, How Bad Do You Want It?, is a great read for anyone who wants to apply psychology to the field of performance. As an athlete, it can be easy to think that your muscles are the only thing you need when trying to achieve your goals. That's why this book is so important; it will teach you about the power of your mindset and how that plays a role in getting results.

How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Pshchology of Mind over Muscle is about the psychology of mind over muscle. Matt Fitzgerald draws from his extensive experience as a competitive athlete and gives a comprehensive account of how your emotions can effect your training and conditioning in both positive and negative ways. In this audiobook, you are taken through the different methods that people use to achieve their goals.

Matt Fitzgerald's masterful book is about how the mind is more important than the muscle. With his expertise in psychology, he guides you through a myriad of methods for using your mind to control your muscles and achieve better results in everything from weight-loss to sports performance.

The work of Dr. Matt Fitzgerald, author of the book "How Bad Do You Want It?" is to change behavior. His goal is to do that through changing a person's psychology in relation to exercise and food. The book is a heavy read, but its content will help motivate you to change your mindset about your physical health.

If you have ever contemplated a new and different type of training, or if you have already taken the plunge and are looking for better ways to reach your goals, then this book is for you. Matt Fitzgerald in How Bad Do You Want It? explains that there is one very important factor that can make all the difference in whether or not you get the results you want—the psychology of mind over muscle.

Published Date 2016-02-12
Duration 8 hours 30 minutes
Author Matt Fitzgerald
Narrated Matt Fitzgerald
(14 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Fitness, Psychology

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