High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out Free Audiobook Download by Amanda Ripley

In this audiobook, Amanda Ripley discusses her experiences with high-conflict families and how she managed to eventually leave her own family. Ripley's story is one of many that illustrate how a person can experience violence, neglect, and abuse in their own life and still live to tell the tale.

On a daily basis, you might walk into your office to find that someone has trashed it. You might see an email with shady information in it from one of your vendors who has become disenchanted with the company's strategy. Or you might find that the person who sits next to you is hell-bent on having his own way. Bad behavior at work is so pervasive because we have all been trained since day one to handle conflict poorly.

Amanda Ripley had a difficult childhood with an alcoholic mother who treated Amanda and her brother and sister poorly. Despite all this, Amanda was able to persevere and create a successful career as a journalist. She is now the author of the book, "High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out". In it, she discusses what she learned about high-conflict people from many years of interviewing them in both America and Europe. She uses her experiences and interviews to break down what causes these people to act the way they do in regards to how conflict escalates and how individuals can handle their lives better.

When it comes to staying in a relationship, the chances of getting out of high-conflict relationships are slim. When one of you has problems, it is easy for the other to get caught up and then all hell breaks loose. To help yourself get out of these high-conflict relationships and start over with someone else who will make you feel loved, this book offers some advice on how to do just that.

This is an audiobook about how we get trapped and how to break out of the trap. Ripley's book is a study of the way humans interact with each other and how this impacts our society now and in the future.

High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out is a book written by Amanda Ripley. It's about the causes, symptoms, and consequences of high-conflict environments. These environments are usually caused by personality differences, toxic personalities, or culture clashes that are often hard to avoid in the workplace.

Published Date 2021-04-06
Duration 9 hours 51 minutes
Author Amanda Ripley
Narrated Amanda Ripley
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Abridged No
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Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Marriage & Family, Psychology, Career Development

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