Golf is a Game of Confidence Free Audiobook Download by Bob Rotella

Golf is a Game of Confidence is a short audiobook about the game of golf by Bob Rotella. The narrator, Bob Rotella, is an author and instructor who teaches golf as he understands it. He believes that confidence helps players when playing the game and this audiobook provides advice on how to improve your confidence while playing the game you love.

Golf is a Game of Confidence is Bob Rotella's first book. In this audiobook, he discusses what it takes to be confident on the golf course. He describes how your mindset plays an important role in being successful. Confidence also comes from continuous training and practicing the game. One must have patience on the course and take strides with each shot to be successful

Golf is a game of confidence. It is not just about how good you are on the course. It's also about how well you can handle yourself in front of the people who are playing or watching golf. Bob Rotella gives insight into how to improve your self-confidence and be more competitive on the course while playing or watching.

Golf is a game of confidence, and Bob Rotella provides the step-by-step guide to building up that golf confidence. Golfers will learn how to eliminate self-doubt, focus their concentration and be able to think clearly under pressure. After reading this audiobook, you'll be confident in your game as never before.

Golf is a game of confidence. The golf swing is the ultimate expression of human mastery. This audiobook highlights the basics and provides practical insights into how to improve your skills.

Bob Rotella talks about how golf is a game of confidence and how it can be helpful in many other aspects of life, too. He discusses how golf helps players to develop discipline, focus and to practice skills that are beneficial in other areas of their lives.

Published Date 1996-06-01
Duration 1 hours 30 minutes
Author Bob Rotella
Narrated Bob Rotella
(25 Reviews)
Abridged Yes
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Sports & Recreation
Parent Category Golf

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