God Bless This Mess: Learning to Live and Love Through Life's Best (and Worst) Moments Free Audiobook Download by Hannah Brown

God Bless This Mess is an audiobook about Hannah's journey in life. The book begins with the moment she learns her cancer has returned, and it ends with the day when she is healthy enough to parent her son again. In between those two moments, there are important moments, joyful moments, and painful moments. There are even a few lessons along the way that remind the reader of the importance of living life well.

"He's just always there, even when you don't want him to be. And he won't go away." Hannah Brown writes about her struggles with anxiety, love and loss in this book that follows the story of a woman finding herself and learning to live through all the mess.

To find a new way to love our lives, we must look at the mess. We must choose to embrace what we see around us. And when life hands us the worst moments, we must simply say "God bless this mess," because in this moment of all moments, God is showing up and reminding us that it's all going to be okay.

God Bless This Mess is a memoir by Hannah Brown. It's about her life's journey and how she has learned to love the good, accept the bad and make peace with what is going on around her. She starts off with a few examples of life's best moments and then goes into more difficult topics like moving on after divorce, being strong in tough times, and being positive no matter what.

Hannah Brown hates messes. When she was little she had tantrums whenever her mom tried to clean up, and as an adult she is always on the lookout for ways to reduce the clutter in her life. But then one day, Hannah lost her job and found herself questioning everything in her life. In order to move on, Hannah decided to embrace messes as a part of what it means to be alive and love through them instead of trying to avoid them.

Hannah Brown has been called a lot of things, but one thing she has never been called is boring. Her life has been anything but dull, as she's lived through plenty of mistakes, failures, and missteps to know that life is never going to be easy. The title of her memoir, God Bless This Mess: Learning To Live And Love Through Life's Best (And Worst) Moments, says it all about Hannah's story.

Published Date 2021-11-23
Duration 8 hours 38 minutes
Author Hannah Brown
Narrated Hannah Brown
(37 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Marriage & Family, Arts & Entertainment, Counseling & Inspirational

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