Fast Eddie: My 20 Years on the Run as Britain's Most Wanted Man Free Audiobook Download by Eddie Maher

In the 20th century, Eddie Maher became Britain's most wanted man in a career of crime that spanned decades. During his criminal exploits, he was involved in armed robberies, kidnappings, and even an attempted murder.

In the mid-eighties, Eddie Maher was a wanted criminal in England. He was operating as an armed robber and was considered so dangerous that Scotland Yard put him on a list of Britain's 40 most wanted criminals.

Eddie Maher is on the run. His face is plastered on every news channel, his voice on every public service announcement. Most people don't know Eddie's story, but Eddie knows how to escape the eyes and ears of his pursuers and the law.

Eddie Maher was a criminal of the old school. He had a case load of over sixty-five convictions for robbery, housebreaking, and attempted murder. He spent time in prison before breaking out again and committing more crimes. When he was caught again, it seemed like his final chapter had been written. Eddie Maher's life changed forever when he turned to crime as a thirty-year-old man and then started on the run from the police for twenty years until his capture in 1991.

Eddie Maher was a high-ranking member of the Irish Republican Army with connections all over the world during the 1970s and 1980s. He was involved in bombings, bank robberies, extortion, smuggling, and other criminal activities. In 1988 he disappeared after being captured by British police and is still on the run to this day.

Fast Eddie has a storied past, but with 20 years of serving time in various prisons, he's had his share of celebrity. During his time on the run from British law enforcement, he has been featured in many movies and books that depict him as a Robin Hood-esque figure: stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Fast Eddie is lucky enough to have escaped capture for so long - but not without paying an extremely high price.

Published Date 2021-03-09
Duration 7 hours 45 minutes
Author Eddie Maher
Narrated Karl Jenkinson
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