Dear William: A Father's Memoir of Addiction, Recovery, Love, and Loss Audiobook Download by David Magee

David Magee, a best-selling author of two books and a recipient of the 2001 National Book Award for Children's Literature, took on the task of adapting his memoir into an audiobook. In his book, he tells the story of William "Billy" Magee, a father who loses his son to alcoholism. Such a powerful story is made even more impactful by David Magee's emotionally charged narration.

David Magee recounts how he lost his son. His son, William, died from an overdose at the age of 20 in 2010. In the memoir, David shares the self-help techniques and tools that have helped him overcome addiction and rebuild his life

In the audiobook, David Magee tells his son's story of addiction and alcoholism. He begins by sharing what life was like for him as a child, where he was abused and neglected by his parents. His family had a troubled past that led to addiction, alcoholism, divorce, depression, and so much more. David did not want his son to suffer the same fate as he did, so he taught William everything he knew about the dangers of the drug drugs and alcohol. He tried to raise him in such a way that William would be happy with his grades and never have to worry about drinking or using drugs again. However, William wanted to rebel against his father's teachings and drank heavily as a teenager.

This audiobook is a powerful memoir about addiction, recovery, and love. It tells the story of David Magee's son William who was addicted to drugs and became an alcoholic. The story begins with the birth of William, David's dream when he first met his wife, and their long journey to get him into rehab. Then it goes on to William's drugs and alcohol addiction which lead to more drug use and more alcohol abuse until he died at age 27.

This audiobook is a memoir of addiction, recovery, love, and loss told by its author David Magee who also narrates the story. He discusses some key moments in his life as well as his personal struggles with alcohol and drugs. His son William died from an accidental heroin overdose at the age of 22. Magee talks about how he didn't realize that his son was using drugs until it became obvious to everyone around him. He also talks about his own struggle with recovering from addiction and losing one of the most significant people in his life.

David Magee's memoir, "Dear William," is a story of hope and struggle. It's about a father who, by his own admission, was lost until he found his way back to himself with the help of his son, whom he has battled addiction with for years.

Published Date 2021-11-02
Duration 8 hours 31 minutes
Author David Magee
Narrated David Magee
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Abridged No
Is It Free? No
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Marriage & Family, Disorders & Diseases, Memoir

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