CSI Told You Lies: Giving victims a voice through forensics. Free Audiobook Download by Meshel Laurie

As soon as Meshel Laurie decided to launch her own podcast as a way of making money and connecting with her audience, she knew exactly what she wanted to cover. She wanted to talk about the internet's obsession with murder and true crime, the ways in which we're presented with different versions of what actually happened, and how these stories publicize victimologies that are unrepresentative of murder victims themselves.

Meshel Laurie, author of CSI Told You Lies: Giving victims a voice through forensics. shares personal experiences with the justice system, including her own rape. Laurie discusses the importance of giving victims a chance to speak out and be heard by providing a platform for victim's testimonies. Laurie goes on to explain the process of DNA profiling and what it takes to create a criminal profile from DNA evidence. The audiobook also shares interviews with some notable forensic experts and even touches on how technology is changing crime solving.

"Meshel Laurie" is the author of "CSI Told You Lies: Giving victims a voice through forensics." Laurie is a retired Australian police detective with more than 40 years' experience in policing and a decade's experience as an accredited forensic scientist. Laurie was also the first woman to be appointed Chief Commissioner of Forensic Science in Australia.

Meshel Laurie, the author of CSI Told You Lies, is a forensic scientist who has spent years researching how to make the justice system more accessible and more fair for victims. Many victims are too afraid to come forward because they fear what will happen if their offender is found guilty and realise that their voice has been ignored. Meshel has written about these experiences in her book which aims to overcome the stigma attached to crimes against women.

The author of this book is an Australian journalist and forensic examiner who manages to keep a kind demeanor while telling the reader what they don't want to know about the field; how it's changing, its controversies, how her own family became victims of crime, and how easy it is for criminals to get away with their crimes.

This is the first book in a series of three, following two detectives as they investigate the case of a missing girl. The authors use non-fiction real-life cases to debunk myths and lies perpetuated by CSI.

Published Date 2021-08-03
Duration 7 hours 40 minutes
Author Meshel Laurie
Narrated Meshel Laurie
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Non-Fiction
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