BRIDGE: Perfect Guide for Beginners Audiobook Download by Allan Neema

Bridge is a self-help book written by Allan Neema. It is a perfect guide for beginners who have just decided to make changes in their life but have no idea where to start. Bridge walks you through everything you need to know about making changes, like how to stop smoking, eat healthier and exercise. This audiobook also offers tips on stress management and other ways to feel better overall.

BRIDGE: Perfect Guide for Beginners is an audiobook by Allan Neema that guides people through the basic steps necessary for getting started on a ketogenic diet. The book provides a detailed explanation of how to get started, keto basics, the intricacies of the ketogenic diet and much more.

Allan Neema, the author of BRIDGE, believes that what you put in your body is a reflection of your own thoughts and beliefs. With that being said, he has strived to create an app and audiobook for people who are looking for tools to improve their mental health.

BRIDGE: Perfect Guide for Beginners is a perfect guide that is meant to help beginners with the art of playing bridge. It features everything you will need to know, including rules, bidding, and card combinations. Made in the form of an audiobook, the book will introduce you to all the rules of bridge and has a special section that recaps those rules and introduces newcomers to strategy.

BRIDGE is a perfect guide for beginners. It will teach you everything you need to know on how to play the best game of bridge and become a success in your life. The audiobook [is] narrated by Matt Montanez and Marcus Mulenga.

BRIDGE: Perfect Guide for Beginners is a book that will help you to take your fitness journey to the next level. This guide offers plenty of exercises, tools and resources for beginners. It unravels everything needed to be able to start your own routine right away. Allan Neema is also offering this audiobook so you can listen as you read, making it easier to follow and understand what you're reading.

Published Date 2021-09-24
Duration 0 hours 54 minutes
Author Allan Neema
Narrated Matt Montanez, Marcus Mulenga
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? No
Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Hobbies & Games

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