Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Free Audiobook Download by Dr. Joe Dispenza

In this audiobook, Dr. Joe Dispenza helps listeners break the pattern of being stuck in their "old habits and patterns of behavior." He provides scientific evidence to back his argument and uses engaging anecdotes from his own life.

Dr. Joe Dispenza: "If you're on a path of constant self-improvement, then your efforts are not in vain. But if you're just trying to do better at what you already know how to do, then that's when things get difficult."

Dr. Joe Dispenza is not a doctor of psychology. He is, however, a neuroscience researcher whose life's work has been focused on understanding the brain and how habits are formed. Dr. Dispenza writes about how habits are formed in the first place and what we can do to break them. In his book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself", he discusses why people always seem to fall into bad habits but never seem able to break out of them fully.

This audiobook will help you break the habit of being yourself. It's full of self-help techniques that are guaranteed to make your health, relationships, and finances better than ever. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a best-selling author and university professor who helps people develop as complete human beings.

Do you find yourself constantly pulling away from who you actually are to please others? Do you hide your true self beneath layers of expectations and fear? Do you feel that the only way to be happy is by being someone else, someone they've been taught is better than them? In this audiobook written by Dr. Joe Dispenza, he explores how we can break the habit of being ourselves and how we can create a life worth celebrating.

[Adam Boyce] relates the story of how his life changed after he became a patient at Dr. Joe Dispenza's Mind Body Institute. He received treatment for drug addiction, depression, and bipolar disorder and had a surprising discovery that changed his life forever: "you're not your thoughts."

Published Date 2016-10-03
Duration 10 hours 55 minutes
Author Dr. Joe Dispenza
Narrated Adam Boyce
(714 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Self Development

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