Brainstorm: An Investigation of the Mysterious Death of Film Star Natalie Wood Free Audiobook Download by Sam Perroni

In a recent podcast, 'Brainstorm: An Investigation of the Mysterious Death of Film Star Natalie Wood', author Sam Perroni documents the death and subsequent investigation into the death of film star Natalie Wood. Director Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s trademark style is shown off in this podcast which is narrated by Richard Ferrone and Suzanne Toren.

In Brainstorm, the author Sam Perroni has written a gripping mystery about the death of film star Natalie Wood. The book was released on July 30th, 2017 and became an instant best-seller. But, within a month of release, there were rumors circulating that Perroni had plagiarized scenes from another work.

It was an investigation with a twist. A twist that would be better described as a shocking turn of events for many people who grew up in the 80's and 90's. On November 28th, 1981, actress Natalie Wood drowned off Catalina Island, California. The woman who spent her life trying to shine through entertainment became the victim of what might have been the most bizarre death in Hollywood history. To this day, no one knows how she died or if it was anything more than a tragic accident by drowning.

In Brainstorm , Sam Perroni takes the listener on a journey in to the unknown, with a focus on the death of one of Hollywood's most recognizable movie stars, Natalie Wood. By using every possible tool at his disposal, from old family albums and magazines, to new technologies such as digital forensics and DNA, Perroni helps unravel the complicated history that led to what is now being called a murder. More than anything else, Brainstorm is an investigation of how we remember and forget someone that has been lost.

"I could not put this down. It's a fascinating look at the inside of Hollywood in 1960s when Natalie was alive, and then its tragic twists and turns as we follow the case today."

Published Date 2022-01-28
Duration 16 hours 53 minutes
Author Sam Perroni
Narrated Richard Ferrone, Suzanne Toren
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Uncategory

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