At the Devil's Table: The Untold Story of the Insider Who Brought Down the Cali Cartel Free Audiobook Download by William C. Rempel

William C. Rempel is the man who bought the drugs from a Mexican cartel and was able to transport them into America through the port of Houston, Texas. He was arrested by agents of Homeland Security and sentenced to 10 years in prison. In this book, Sanders tells Rempel's story in an attempt to understand how a man with no law enforcement experience could have orchestrated such a huge operation.

The story of a personal tragedy and the subsequent downfall of one of the largest criminal organizations in U.S. history, At the Devil's Table: The Untold Story of the Insider Who Brought Down the Cali Cartel is an incredible true crime narration.

The story behind the book is mystical. Author William C. Rempel hears a call from one 'Fred Sanders' who tells him that he has been through hell and back and has gone to some very dark places. Fred wants to share his story as a cautionary tale for those who are interested in where crime can lead, and what comes out of it.

"At the Devil's Table" is a documentary written by William Rempel about the events that led to the downfall of the Cali Cartel. The book starts off with Fred Sanders, a former drug dealer and member of the Cali cartel, who talks about his life as a drug dealer in Los Angeles. He describes some of his experiences during his time as an addict and how he ended up being arrested for dealing drugs. At this point, he was approached by FBI agents who were investigating corruption within the Cali Cartel and said if he cooperated with them, it would help him avoid long prison sentences. The book then goes on to explain how these decisions led to Sanders becoming one of FBI's most important informants in which he helped bring down top members of the Cali cartel including Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela (head of the Orejuela Clan) and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela (leader of the Ochoa Clan).

At the Devil's Table: The Untold Story of the Insider Who Brought Down the Cali Cartel is a book by William C. Rempel that tells the story of a former intelligence officer turned whistleblower who infiltrated one of California's most notorious crime families and helped bring them down. It tells the story of Fred Sanders, who was born into a family that had been involved in drug trafficking for decades. His job as an undercover agent went smoothly until he found out that his boss was involved in murder-for-hire and file tampering. This caused him to become disillusioned with his work and he decided to leave his position within federal law enforcement.

There is a giant rift in the drug trade that's been expanding steadily. It starts with the cartel in Mexico, and it spreads north throughout the United States: from Portland to Atlanta to Los Angeles. To stop this spread, the DEA has a highly classified program that attempts to work with corrupt members of Mexican cartels.

Published Date 2011-06-21
Duration 11 hours 12 minutes
Author William C. Rempel
Narrated Fred Sanders
(14 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Law, Latin America

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