Zombie Rules Free Audiobook Download by David Achord

The apocalypse is upon us and one of the things to remember with zombies is that they don't follow any rules. That's why there are so many zombie movies out there. Zombie Rules isn't a movie. It's a new audiobook by author David Achord, winner of the 'Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing'. If you enjoy horror horror then this might be for you.

The Zombie Rules are a set of rules that guide how zombies act, these rules were written by David Achord, they were the personal set of rules in his own head when he became a zombie. The goal of this audiobook is to not only give you a copy of the Zombie Rules but also to take you on an adventure with David Achord as he tells story.

A one-time book club selection, this is a survival guide for the modern day apocalypse. This audiobook has been adapted from the original book by David Achord and narrated by Graham Halstead. It explores how to build snares, traps, and other devices such as booby traps.

In the book "Zombie Rules" by David Achord, we learn about zombie rules that can be used as guidelines for creating a safe environment. The rules are based on the idea that when you're surrounded by zombies, what's most important is to stay alive.

Zombies have taken over the world. There is no hope for humanity and the only hope for survival is to stick together and develop a strategy for fighting off these creatures. This audiobook covers all of the rules that one must follow in order to make it through a zombie outbreak and hopefully survive. The audiobook was narrated by 'Graham Halstead', who is known for his work as a science fiction narrator, comic book writer, and audio producer.

Graham Halstead is the perfect narrator for this story. His deep, soothing voice makes you feel safe and cozy while listening to his narration. You can't help but feel like he's a friend speaking to you in your ear as he tells the story of the "zombie apocalypse."

Published Date 2015-01-06
Duration 10 hours 37 minutes
Author David Achord
Narrated Graham Halstead
(170 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Horror, Apocalyptic & Dystopian

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