Apples Never Fall Free Audiobook Download by Liane Moriarty

"Apples Never Fall" is the story of a woman who has given up on life and her husband who is still trying to make it work. The story opens with an event that leads to the main character leaving her husband's house and taking off on a week-long trip by herself. What starts out as just an escape, becomes complicated when she gets stuck in the city of Sydney and realizes she must return to her old life. With only 48 hours left before she needs to come home, our protagonist tries to find a way out, but no one seems willing to help except for her friend. This audiobook download does not disappoint when it comes to storytelling or narration.

In "Apples Never Fall," Liane Moriarty takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotion, suspense and drama from beginning to end. The story starts with a woman named Clara being released from prison after serving seven years for having an abortion. For Clara, it's totally different because she was not involved in the decision making process for her daughter at all. This story also tackles depression, anxiety, and family relationships as well as the physical and mental effects of grief.

Liane Moriarty's novels follow the same cast of characters, but with different stories. The author has stated that this is so readers can get to know each character and their unique traits. Apples Never Fall is about a school psychologist who tries to unravel the twists and turns of her life, and how she relies on chance for success.

After the sudden death of her husband, Amelia Sachs is desperate for a distraction. She has no idea how he died or why. But she knows this much: it was not an accident. Her grief-stricken daughter doesn't want to come back to live with her; they haven't spoken in years and their relationship is strained at best. Amelia's also never worked so hard in her life as she takes on jobs that pay too well to turn down--not if she wants to keep living like she already does, with expensive tastes and a new car every year. Still, Amelia knows that something else needs to change--and when one night a mysterious stranger offers the perfect solution, she decides she'll try anything once...

After the death of her married lover, Kate discovers a twist in the case that completely alters her life. Now she must take matters into her own hands as it begins to spiral out of control.

An enthralling and suspenseful new novel of domestic suspense from the international bestselling author of Big Little Lies. The first time I saw my husband, he was standing on the top step of my front porch, staring into a paper bag. Then he ran down the steps, out toward the street. When I opened the door, he turned and fled back up to our house. "I found something," he said breathlessly. "A note."

Published Date 2021-09-14
Duration 18 hours 3 minutes
Author Liane Moriarty
Narrated Caroline Lee
(262 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Suspense, Family Life, Contemporary Women

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