Yes Please Free Audiobook Download by Amy Poehler

'Yes Please,' narrated by a cast of celebrities, is about the life of 'Parks and Recreation' creator Amy Poehler. She speaks to us about her childhood, her teenage years, and her rise from being a common waitress to an actress with a number of successful TV shows on her résumé. We learn how she managed to make it in show business without the help of any acting classes or major acting influences.

With its witty and droll tales, Yes Please is the perfect audiobook for anyone wanting to laugh at their failures or relive the triumphs of those who have succeeded. Readers will be listening to this book over and over again because it's that captivating. The narrator has a unique voice that makes each story seem new and engaging.

If you're looking for a laugh-out-loud, heart-warming read this summer, then Yes Please is the perfect book. Amy Poehler shares her hilarious and true story of how she became a comedian and life as an author with warmth and honesty.

Yes Please is a book of humorous essays by Amy Poehler. The audiobook is narrated by a variety of actors and comedians, including Kathleen Turner, Carol Burnett, and Amy Poehler herself.

Yes Please is a collection of comedic essays and personal stories from Amy Poehler. It was released in November 2012, and became a New York Times best-selling audiobook that same month. The essays cover topics such as parenting, marriage, fame, and time management.

Yes Please is an audiobook full of author and speaker Amy Poehler's most hilarious humor. She shares her hilarious stories with witty words, intelligent thoughts, and inspirational anecdotes. The audiobook format makes it easy to listen online or on-the-go.

Published Date 2014-10-28
Duration 7 hours 31 minutes
Author Amy Poehler
Narrated Kathleen Turner, Carol Burnett, Amy Poehler, Mike Schur
(1022 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Comedy
Parent Category Essays & Memoirs, Memoir, Arts & Entertainment

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