How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question Free Audiobook Download by Michael Schur

If you’re a good person, then you are automatically going to be a perfect person. That is, if you follow the moral code of your religion. However, with so many moral codes out there and so few ways to know whether or not someone is following them, it can be hard to figure out what to do in any given situation. This audiobook explains step by step how to become the perfect person and answer any moral question.

How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question by Michael Schur audiobook download is a philosophical, dystopian novel about the horrors of misanthropy. In the future that this story takes place in, almost everyone has become misanthropes. Everyone is so self-absorbed and focused on themselves that they have created a system where it's impossible for anyone else to live. The main character, Eileen, believes that there should be a society where people care more about others and are not so selfish and self-centered.

It's hard to know what's right and wrong, but if you're stuck in a situation where you can't seem to find the answer, this audiobook might help. Michael Schur has written an entertaining guide on how to be perfect. It includes stories from various people who have tried their best to do the "right thing", including a sad story about a man who used his car as bait for a robbery. It is clear that there is no one answer for everything, but with The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question by Michael Schur, you're sure to find your way back on the right track.

How to Be Perfect is a novel by Michael Schur, who's best known for creating "Parks and Recreation" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine". In the book, Schur writes about what would happen if a perfect person were put on earth. How would they react to all of the different people in the world? The book was transformed into an audiobook with many famous actors performing voices for characters in the story.

How to Be Perfect is a collection of essays, written by Michael Schur about various moral questions and how each answer can be considered the correct one. In this book, Michael Schur argues that it is impossible to be perfect because there is no such thing as a good action or bad action.

This audiobook by Michael Schur is written to help guide the reader through the morally right and wrong decisions that they may be faced with in their own life. The narrator uses a variety of voices to tell the story, which helps with conveying the complicated moral dilemmas that the reader might face.

Published Date 2022-01-25
Duration 9 hours 14 minutes
Author Michael Schur
Narrated Ted Danson, Michael Schur, Kristen Bell, Todd May, Jameela Jamil, Marc Evan Jackson, William Jackson Harper, D'arcy Carden, Manny Jacinto
(4 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Comedy
Parent Category General Comedy, Philosophy

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