When I Come Home Again: 'A page-turning literary gem' THE TIMES, BEST BOOKS OF 2020 Free Audiobook Download by Caroline Scott

Emily is a single mother trying to make ends meet in Chicago when she's offered the chance of her life. Her employer, the New York Times, is looking for someone to write about their new venture across the country: building a town from scratch on uninhabited land in an old zinc mine. It seems like the perfect opportunity for Emily and her daughter--and it would be if there were any towns close by. When she arrives, darkness swallows her whole world up--no electricity or phone service, just weird creatures crawling around at night and smoke billowing from underground.

When I Come Home Again is a haunting, gripping debut about friendship and love. Set in post-WWII England in the aftermath of an unforgiving war, it tells the story of one woman's journey home to her family's farm at the end of the world. The farm has been abandoned for many years. Only a few oaks have survived, and they tower over a graveyard that nobody visits anymore. But when Trudie Stone gets there, she finds herself inextricably drawn to its secrets and lies, which will keep her coming back again and again as she tries to find answers to both questions: What happened here? And who was buried so long ago?

This audiobook is a page-turning literary gem, featuring an astute narrator who brings life to the story of a woman's search for the meaning of love and the hope found in family and friendship.

This is the story of a girl who has been sent away to school in England and how she comes home again.

She had been a small child the last time she saw her mother. Now, Caroline's life is in turmoil and she needs to find out what happened to her family, who died and how. However, it's not going to be easy. Caroline has a secret that might just destroy her before she can get the answers she's looking for.

When I Come Home Again is a page-turning literary gem by Caroline Scott. This powerful story of one woman's turbulent journey through life has won significant praise from readers, reviewers, and fellow authors alike, who consider it one of the finest novels of this generation.

Published Date 2020-10-29
Duration 13 hours 0 minutes
Author Caroline Scott
Narrated Chris Harper
(3 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category General, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Military

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